Fire Stations

About Echols County Fire Stations

Fire Station

Statenville Fire Station
Highway 94 E
Statenville, GA 31648

Echols Road Index Map

Echols County Fire Department is made up of three volunteer stations and about twenty-five volunteers who give of their time and talents to serve this community. Volunteers are need and if you are interested in being a part of this motivated group of individuals, please contact the Echols County Administration to schedule a time to come in and complete your application.

The Training Division of Echols Fire Department provides firefighters with continuous operational training on an annual basis. Firefighters receive a variety of general training courses from Valdosta Tech.

Future Plans

We have developed a long range plan that helps up to identify areas for new Fire Stations, and a improvement plan to help up upgrade and maintain our fire equipment. The Volunteers have been fitted for new fire suits and boots.

Emergency Vehicles

By Georgia law, when an emergency vehicle that is displaying emergency lights and sirens is approaching, you must pull to the right and, if possible, stop. This allows the vehicle adequate clear lanes to safely and quickly continue its response.