ISO and Achievements

Achievements made over recent years

ISO rating improved to “6/6Y”

Prior to this change, Echols County had always been rated “1O”, the highest (worst) rating available. Echols County Fire Department proactively enacted changes to lower the rating.

Implemented new documentation procedures and measurements.

Identified new water sources in areas not covered by a pressurized system. Established testing schedules for water supplies and equipment.

Request for reassessment submitted to ISO (Insurance Services Office) on August 18, 2015. Analysis and results returned by ISO on November 19, 2015.

New rating became effective February 1, 2016, thereby successfully reducing insurance premiums for all Echols County residents.

Grant applications and awards

Echols County Fire Department regularly applies for federal and state grants to save taxpayers money. All grant money has been used to purchase equipment necessary to meet current requirements.

Awarded $64,629 in the last 3 years.

Other Achievements:

Worked safely with no firefighter injuries in the last 10 years. Steadily improved the type and reliability of equipment.

Raised training and certification levels to an all-time high.

Established relationships with surrounding agencies for mutual aid response as well as combined training. Added in-house instructors so that new volunteers don’t have to travel to acquire certification in any of the following skillsets.

-+ Firefighter 1

-+ Firefighter 2

-+ Hazmat (multiple levels)

-+ Live Fire training

-+ Advanced extrication